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Einstein isn’t an anomaly

Sure, he’s smart. But he’s not strange. Einstein is a predictable event, just like the invention of the sun roof and dry-erase markers. Think of it this way: all ideas progress along an uneven timeline. Invention is mostly slow, steady progress scored by periods of stagnation. But every idea has its growth spurts and these leaps form our benchmarks for the history of that particular idea. From Copernicus to Galileo to Newton. And the point is, these ideas leaping forward are predictable. Electricity gets its light bulb. Transportation gets its airplane. The internet gets Twitter. Gravity get its Einstein.

So what happens if Einstein never made it out of Germany? Where would the Theories of Special and General Relativity be? The answer, of course is: the same place, just with someone else’s name on it. See, the leap will happen, progress will not be stopped. Because it isn’t just Einstein, it’s thousands of people thinking about the same idea at different times and in different ways. Something’s bound to come out of that.

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